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We would have been so happy to welcome you in Strasbourg and offer you excellent fine cuisine and traditional specialties. Unfortunately, this virtual edition won't allow us to do so.

To give you a flavour of Strasbourg anyway, we propose you a few easy-to-do traditional Alsatian recipes that you can try at home and share with your colleagues during MICCAI.

We made videos for two of them:

* "Tarte flambée" (literally "flamed pie") is a distant cousin of the pizza. The traditional recipe is given here, with toppings of onion, bacon and grated cheese, but many alternative toppings can be used to make for instance vegetarian versions, such as garlic and chive, mushrooms, etc.

Be creative and show us your best creations on Twitter and WeChat!

* "Spätzle" are a traditional side dish, a distant cousin of pastas. It's very easy to prepare and fast to cook. You can eat them simply boiled like in the video, but it's even better if you briefly fry them afterwards for 5mn in a pan with a knob of butter until golden, for a crispy taste. If you don't have the cooking tool with the holes like in the video, you can use a skimming ladle or simply a cutting board and a knife to make filaments and drop them into the water.

Can't wait to see how it combines with your meals!

Enjoy your Alsatian cooking!

Video Credit: Anja Pantovic, Aleksandar Pantovic, and Caroline Essert