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The MICCAI Mentorship Program started in 2018 with the goal of connecting early-career researchers in medical image computing and computer assisted interventions with peers and experts in their field of work. Mentors will share their experience in academia, industry or entrepreneurship to help developing the next generation of MICCAI leaders and innovators. Mentorship and networking nurture a supportive scientific community and give mentees the opportunity for career growth.

A special focus of the program is on supporting underrepresented collectives in MICCAI to advance their scientific career and recognize and address career challenges.

Program Structure

Registration: Members of the community interested in participating in the Mentorship program as mentors or mentees can register through the MICCAI 2021 website. A call for mentors will open in June 2021. Once the pool of mentors has been established, a call for mentees will open in late Summer.

Matching: The Mentorship program will match mentors and mentees with the help of our MICCAI working group based on their area of expertise and the mentorship preferences indicated during registration.

Mentorship structure: To participate in the MICCAI Mentorship Program, mentors and mentees will commit to a minimum of three hours in total as indicated below:

  • Before MICCAI 2021. The mentor-mentee team will coordinate via teleconference to discuss the goals that they wish to achieve through the Mentorship Program and the duration of their relationship.
  • During MICCAI 2021. The mentor-mentee team will meet by teleconference and will allocate at least one hour for a meeting to work towards their goals.
  • After MICCAI 2021. The mentor-mentee team will follow up by teleconference at least once after the conference.

There is no maximum cap for the number of meetings and the continued mentorship program encourages regular communication between the mentors and mentees.

Terms of the mentorship relationship

A mentorship relationship is established between a person seeking career development advice - i.e., the mentee - and a person who can provide valuable guidance- i.e., the mentor. Unlike a coach, the role of a mentor is not to establish action plans for a mentee. Instead, it is the mentee who is responsible for establishing a set of goals for this relationship. The role of the mentor is to actively listen, provide information, suggestions and help to the mentee.

It is strongly recommended for mentees to create a list of goals that they wish to achieve through this program, which they will discuss in the first meeting with their mentor. Examples of goals include career growth in academia or industry, writing a grant or fellowship application, raising funds for research and development, setting up a successful company or addressing specific career challenges. Mentors will provide honest and constructive feedback and advice to support mentees achieving their goals.

All conversations must remain confidential between mentors and mentees unless agreed otherwise by both parties. The MICCAI 2021 organization and the MICCAI Society are not responsible for the information that is exchanged between mentors and mentees within the context of their mentorship relationship.

For any additional questions contact: mentorship@miccai2021.org